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Eastbury Community School

Child Protection & Safeguarding

At Eastbury we want all of our students to be safe. All of the staff will receive child protection and safeguarding training, and we have a dedicated child protection team. Our child protection team has a duty of care to the young person. There are different types of abuse which can place a child at risk:

  • Physical abuse such as punching, hitting or burning
  • Sexual abuse such as forcing a child to take part in any sexual activity
  • Emotional harm such as making a child feel unloved or useless or constantly putting them down
  • Neglect means not providing a child with enough for their basic needs e.g. enough food, clothes, medical care.

If at any time you have concerns whether for yourself and your child or for any other young person please contact the child protection team, or you can contact Barking & Dagenham Children’s services on 020 8227 3811.


CEOP, Think you know: https://www.ceop.police.uk/

This is an online resource which has been set up by the national crime agency to provide the latest information on being on-line, and updates in new technology. The information covers different age groups from 5-14+, and there is a parent/carer area. As well as advice and information there is a red report abuse button which you can use, if you fell worried or uncomfortable about any one on line.


This occurs when a young person receives something (for example food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, gifts, money or affection), as a reward for taking part in sexual activities. Exploitation occurs when there is a power imbalance and the person feels intimidated, and pressurised to have sex. It can include sexual bullying, cyberbullying and grooming. Please contact our CP team if you have any concerns.


Female genital mutilation (FGM) is illegal. If staff know that a young person has experienced FGM they have a statutory duty to report it to the police. If they suspect it may happen staff must report it to children’s services. Please contact our CP team if you have any concerns.

Eastbury Child Protection & Safeguarding Team

Position Name Email Phone
CP Lead Rebecca Lastiotis rla@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 0208 507 4506
Primary DSL Emmanuel Awoyelu OE01@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 020 8507 4602
Primary DSL Rebecca Wilkinson rfe@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 020 8507 4612
Curriculum Access Leader/Senco Jo Higson jhi@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 0208 507 4500
Deputy Safeguarding Lead Jason Reynolds-Blanche jrb@eastbury.bardagalea.org.uk 0208 507 4506
Deputy Safeguarding Lead Tracey Davids TD01@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 020 8507 4506
CP Officer Stavey primus spr@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 0208 507 4528
Sixth Form Julie Moore jmo@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 020 8507 4514

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