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Data Results & Performance


Welcome to Eastbury Sixth Form. We are proud of our results and the work from students and staff which has gone into them. To give you an idea of our success we are publishing our results from 2019 and the destinations for the academic year 2020 - which has been a record-breaking one. Given the challenges faced, it makes us even more pleased when we think of how well our young people have progressed. 

Our students not only have access to great teaching but they also have access to great support and enrichment opportunities. We understand the importance of growth through this time and we work with students to help them develop the tools they need to manage the stresses and strains of their courses. 

From the results, you can see we are far ahead in terms of the borough and on a par with other institutions nationally. 




LBBD (2019) 

National (2019) 





A*- B 




A*- C 





Our three year ALPS score was 3. This means that we are in the top 25% of the country for value added. This means we are in the top 25% nationally for pushing students beyond their targets based on their starting point. 

Just like skills and character traits, our students have a range of abilities. What we consistently do here, is push them to achieve no matter what their starting point is. 

Our results improved greatly from 2019. So you can imagine how that has impacted on our A/A* and other grades along with our ALPS score. This in turn reflected in our destinations: 

4 x Oxbridge: Medicine, Economics and Human, Social and Political Sciences 

2 x Imperial College London: Maths and Computer Science, Design Engineering 

LSE: Economics and Political Sciences 

KPMG: Apprenticeship – our first ever and a great achievement for that student 

Russell Group and Top Third Universities: 64% of the cohort 

Take the time to look at individual subjects and see if Eastbury Sixth Form is the place you want to achieve at.