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Eastbury Community School

Sixth Form Dress Code

Eastbury has an excellent reputation and our uniform in the lower school and dress code in the Sixth Form helps to promote this.  Sixth Form students are required to dress in a smart, professional manner that is not likely to be viewed as offensive, revealing, or sexually provocative.  Our students are expected to dress in a way that would be suitable for work and presents a positive first impression. 

Male students must wear a shirt and no jeans are to be worn.   Female students must wear either fitted trousers or a skirt suitable for a professional environment and tops must have an appropriate neck-line and cover the shoulders, back and midriff.

Hooded tops and clothes with large print are not appropriate and hats and coats are not to be worn inside.  Trainers are not to be worn, apart from during approved sporting activities.  Clothing must adhere to any health and safety guidance given by the individual subject teachers.

Students can bring mobile phones into school but these are only to be used in the sixth form block and not in other areas of the school site.  Phones must be turned off or on silent mode during lessons and study periods.

All students are issued with an ID badge that must be worn every day and at all times.