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Eastbury Community School

Mental Health & Well-Being


At Eastbury Community School the mental and physical well-being of our pupils is paramount.

We believe that children are unable to learn unless they are coping well mentally. The staff believe that every child is unique and we teach all children holistically with the well-being of each pupil is at the core of everything that we do. Children are taught discrete lessons that focus on the techniques and strategies that are used to look after our mental health and wellbeing. All children develop the understanding of how to articulate their emotions and deal with uncomfortable feelings when they arise.

We ensure that all pupils are taught that physical and mental well-being work simultaneously and that we cannot look after either in isolation. Therefore, pupils engage in daily exercise through the daily mile and active lunchtimes; this helps to keep our pupils fit and healthy. Another area that we are particularly proud of is our healthy school lunches and growing our own fruit and vegetables at school. Daily practise of mindful activities such as: yoga, meditation, cooking and breathing techniques are embedded throughout the school ensuring that every child understands the importance of being present.

The teaching staff also show a commitment to their own mental health and well-being by engaging in these activities with the pupils, as well as during their spare time. We are committed to providing a happy and safe school that priorities the well-being of all children.