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Eastbury Community School

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Statement

ECS Curriculum Statement (July 2019)

The curriculum at ECS is exciting and designed to inspire young people to learn and stimulate an interest in wide area of subjects.  Our curriculum reflects our vision; we want everybody to be happy, healthy, safe, well educated (& career ready via university / college / apprenticeship in the digital age) and good citizens. 

Our rich, broad and balanced curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences (in and out of class) that we plan for our pupils from day one in nursery to the last day of year 13. We recognise that statutory requirements form only a small part of the ECS curriculum; and we offer many additional opportunities particularly in sport, pupil leadership, and creative, character & cultural education. 

Developing the holistic child is of upmost importance at ECS and, with this in mind, we offer a curriculum which encompasses academic and creative subjects, British values, PSHE and SMSC education.  

The curriculum is taught and delivered with the consideration of the needs of all learners now and in their later lives. Above all our curriculum will inspire all children to nurture a passion for learning, raise aspirations and prepare them for their next step (college, apprenticeship or university). We recognise that many of the jobs of the future have not been invented yet, and therefore concentrate on ‘learning to learn’, developing creativity, critical thinking, resilience and adaptability.  

ECS is committed to meeting the requirements of the EYFS Statutory framework & National Curriculum; and accelerating the progress and thereby raising the attainment of all pupils.  

Our detailed schemes of learning are carefully sequenced and reflect the content and challenge of the curriculum at each stage, can be found on our website. Teachers receive training in all the key areas of curriculum (change) and pedagogy; and are ready to deliver our outstanding provision in their everyday teaching and co-curricular activities. 

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Primary Curriculum Overview

At Eastbury, we aspire to deliver a broad, balanced curriculum that is vibrant, creative and that puts children at its heart. Our aim is to excite children’s imaginations and inspire them to learn. We have the highest expectations of all learners and focus on promoting excellent attitudes of learning. We want to extend their horizons, deepen their understanding so they can become successful lifelong learners. ECS believes that every child should make effective progress, reach their full potential as local, national, global citizens, and succeed in a changing world.

Our curriculum promotes and celebrates our core values: 

  • Success
  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration

ECS delivers a bespoke knowledge and skills-based curriculum which fulfils the National Curriculum requirements, as well as providing additional enrichment experiences and extra-curricular opportunities for our children. This includes real-life experiences such as education visits or inviting visitors into school, an interesting arts programme and a range of sporting opportunities that include competitions. 

In the Primary Phase, there is a relentless focus on teaching the fundamentals in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and it is our aim that no child will leave Eastbury without these core skills in place. That is why these subjects are taught daily and brought to life by being applied throughout the day in other topics.

Across the school for English, we have embedded the Talk for Writing scheme which is an engaging teaching framework that raises progress and boosts standards. Early reading is a key focus and fundamental part of our school curriculum. Direct, focused phonics is taught every day and children read from books with the sounds they know, while they are learning to read. Sounds-Write is followed by teachers to deliver a linguistic approach to phonics. Pupils make good or better progress in phonics and receive additional intervention when needed to ensure that every child has the best start to their education. Alongside, Daily Supported Reading is embedded to help children develop comprehension skills.  In KS2, the Destination Reader scheme is being taught as we believe this truly develops a love of reading in our children by giving the opportunity to study great literature while embedding the essential learning behaviors for reading. 

In Mathematics, our school has been following the Maths-No Problem scheme, this scheme is based on the evidence-based approach developed in Singapore, it has been recommended by the DfE for schools on the Teaching for Mastery Programme. This ensures that our children are cultivating a variety of Math's skills which challenges them through daily opportunities in reasoning and deepens learning, allowing the development of Maths expertise as they move through the school. This year, we are very excited to be rolling this out into our foundation stage where structure and play are both prioritised to support our children's progress in Maths. 

 At Eastbury, we have been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark in Science. Our children are given a range of scientific experiences to enable them to raise their own questions about the world around them. As they move through the school children develop a deeper understanding of a wide range of scientific ideas. We are lucky that we have our very own Forest school where pupils can develop an interest for natural surroundings and respect the environment. As well as this we have achieved the Bronze Eco Award, our children are Eco Warriors as they are aware of their responsibility to look after the environment and understand ways to proactively act for a greener future.

Our creative curriculum ensures the specific knowledge and skills are achieved in all subjects. The foundation subjects are just as significant as our core subjects. Throughout the curriculum, there is a clear coverage and progression of key skills. We have designed the curriculum to ignite curiosity and spark an interest in the world around us and past events that have shaped us. This encourages our children to be critical thinkers and to make connections and links in their journey at Eastbury. The learning environment is prioritised to enrich learning and assist children’s retention of knowledge through the use of timelines, maps, rich vocabulary and visuals where possible. Explicit teaching of language and vocabulary is prioritised with extremely high expectations from a young age. All children are expected to master long-term memory.

At Eastbury, we continue to foster the children's love of music by providing an excellent music provision where every child is taught to play a musical instrument with a music specialist. We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Music Mark Status. 

Our PSHE curriculum develops resilience in our learners by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be independent and responsible members of society. We champion and celebrate the diversity of our local community and make our pupils aware of how they could make a positive contribution to their community. Learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) supports an understanding of living in a multicultural society, provides an opening to other cultures and fosters curiosity about the wider world. Throughout the school from Reception onwards, our children are taught Spanish lessons by a native Spanish teacher.

Our curriculum recognises the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, good health, and promotes an active lifestyle. Every morning, our children participate in the Daily Mile Challenge. We provide high quality PE sessions which are delivered by Sports Nation.  

We never give up on any child and acknowledge that every child is unique. Our curriculum priority is to open doors to future successes, be that in the arts, science, sports, as a writer or mathematician.  We are always looking for ways to improve our school, hence we are currently working towards achieving the Right Respecting School Award. Finally, at Eastbury, we are confident that as our children leave us, we have equipped them with tools to face all the challenges that lie ahead of them.

If you would like more information on our broad and balanced primary curriculum, please contact Aisha Raymond by ara@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk

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