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Eastbury Community School

Reception - Essex

Autumn 1

PE with Essex Class 

Today Essex class had their very own PE lesson. They started off by playing the traffic light game to warm up. Then the children were split into two groups where they all had a go at throwing a bean bag into a hoop. Lastly, they finished off by doing some stretched and a breathing activity.

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Stay and Play with Lunch

Today was a BIG day for our parents/carers and our Reception pupils as it was their first session including school dinners!

Mrs Bansal, Miss Begum, Mrs Patel and Miss Siddique are so proud of each and every child because it was a success! It was lovely to see big smiley faces with their tummies feeling FULL!

Here are some pictures of our lunch time…

Children’s First Day in Reception!

The children had an amazing first day in Reception. There were a few tears but the children settled in really fast. They were all so excited about their new class, teacher, outdoors environment and new friends. Here are some pictures of what the children got up to.

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