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Eastbury Community School

School Vision, Values & Behaviour


Alongside the established curriculum areas of the Early Years and the New Primary Curriculum, we teach Values Education at Eastbury Community Primary School. Values Education is a simple but powerful way to support the development of young learners so that they become confident, reflective and caring citizens.

Each half term, we will focus on one of the six values below. Our assemblies and learning time will provide us with opportunities to share and live our values. All our pupils, parents and the adults in school will be a part of our Values Education programme.

When you visit our school, you will see our ‘Value of the term’ on display in the main entrance and also in the learning and behaviour all around the school!

The Values we will celebrate are:

  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Success


Eastbury Community Primary School will inspire our young people to achieve more than they ever believed possible and to have an uncompromising sense of responsibility for themselves and others. We will be ambitious and transform lives through our creative and inclusive ethos. We won’t let opportunities to achieve this vision pass by.

Learning and Behaviour

We promote positive behaviour choices by recognising and rewarding good behaviour and values led actions on a regular basis. 

The school uses values education and positive behaviour strategies to maintain a high standard of behaviour for learning and behaviour for life.

We establish weekly achievement assemblies, ‘Special Person’ recognition and ‘Star of the Week’ within classes. We also maintain a focus on regular attendance and punctuality for our learners – these are key in establishing good learning habits!  A school house system will be established as the school grows.


We want everyone at Eastbury Community School to flourish as active and engaged citizens in a period of rapid change.  We are committed to providing an excellent and enjoyable all round education leading to the highest possible academic standards, adoption of healthy lifestyles, resilience and preparation for life in modern Britain.

We will fully prepare all our pupils to be successful and self-directed in their next step into Secondary education, College, Apprenticeship, University or Employment.  We recognise that academic qualifications need to be boosted with the development of  resilience, self-confidence, work-place skills and the ability to respond positively to new challenges. To this end, we encourage our students to develop self-discipline, independence and responsibility for their own actions and learning; and the ability to think, communicate and make informed decisions for themselves. We value and have high expectations of all students. Fundamental to Eastbury’s ethos is a  respect for and an interest in other people, their beliefs, background, values and welfare. The education we provide reflects the diversity of our society, and promotes equality. We are proud of our school community, in which all members have the right to be treated and valued equally. We actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We will not tolerate discrimination or bullying. Everybody is entitled to learn and >work in a safe and positive environment, free from fear and harassment.

Our Aims

Learning - Our core purpose:

We will give everyone access to become resilient, confident, independent and lifelong learners who value learning for its own sake.

We encourage and enable all learners to:

  • Strive for excellence, widen their horizons and prepare themselves with the skills needed for active engagement, life and employment in modern Britain, and our rapidly changing world;
  • Develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • Explore and appreciate their sporting and creative talents and make the best use of them;
  • Distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law of England;
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for a healthy, safe and productive lifestyle.


We encourage participation in our local, national and global communities and enable all learners to:

  • Be active citizens and contribute positively to our democratic society;
  • Develop leadership skills and participate in a well-ordered, secure and stimulating learning environment where all learners enjoy the challenge of achieving the highest possible standards;
  • Accept responsibility for their own behaviour and contribute to the development of a safe and caring society, free from discrimination, in which everybody of different faiths or beliefs is mutually respectful and respected;
  • Strive for different types of achievement, which are valued, recognised and celebrated;
  • Care for the natural environment, using resources wisely and recycling when possible.


We will ensure that our school:

  • Works with families to support all learners in reaching their true potential;
  • Works with local, national and global schools, colleges and universities to share and develop the bestpractice in education;
  • Works with business to develop the skills to succeed in a wide range of employment locally,nationally and globally;
  • Works cohesively with outside agencies to keep students safe both in and out of school;
  • Supports leadership and staff development at all levels and succession planning.