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ARP for Deaf Children Information





The Additional Resource Provision for deaf children (ARP) is based here at Eastbury Community School. The provision has twelve places allocated for KS3 and 4 students and will extend to KS5 (Sixth Form) should a fixed placement be allocated and depending on the suitability of the KS5 courses offered.

However, due to the wide range of vocational ‘A’ level courses on offer through the Southern Consortium (Eastbury is part of a Sixth Form consortium including Dagenham Park, Jo Richardson and Barking Abbey) it is hoped that all our students will enjoy that opportunity.

The aim of the ARP is to meet the children ‘where they are at’. In short, timetables and options are worked around the individual needs and expectations of the child. Children can be taught in or out of the ARP, as appropriate.

Literacy and numeracy are taught alongside mainstream Maths and English lessons, or in place of, as advised. If a child is working towards Level 3 then Science and Humanities will be offered in the ARP too. At KS4 alternative exams are in place to run alongside GCSE or in preference to, again depending on individual needs. 
Although our students will all have access to mainstream PHSE, the needs of the deaf child dictate that additional programmes in self-development, audiology and personal safety are provided.

A specialist speech therapist offers half-hour sessions once a week to those students who require it. The ARP works within a multi-agency framework and parents/students will be able to access these facilities if required - e.g., education psychology service, Connexions, audiology advisory staff, to name a few.

The latter will make regular visits to the ARP to ensure that all audiological needs are met. Mentoring is also available via group work with our team of Learning Mentors within the Curriculum Access department.

Communication needs are again met on individual needs. BSL is available to those students who require it but is also used to help raise deaf awareness across the school, both as a teaching tool and within regular training sessions available for staff on how to teach deaf children. In addition we have weekly ‘Talking Hands’ club and a signing choir for staff and students. Our current aim is to extend this opportunity to our Year 6 feeder schools.

Extra Curricular Activities: A wide range of clubs are available to all our students such as Trampolining, Astronomy and Club Africa.

Within the ARP we also provide homework clubs, focus groups (devised on individual needs) and coursework tutorials for KS4.

 The school has a Youth Club which runs once a week from 4-7pm. Resources have been purchased that are particularly accessible to the deaf child. A communicator is an active member of the Youth Club team and on duty at all times.

The ARP is an integral part of the Curriculum Access Department at Eastbury, allowing us to draw on a vast range of experience in additional needs.

Should you wish to visit the Additional Resource Provision for the Deaf at any time, please contact me on 020 8507 4556.

We look forward to meeting you.

H Devereux-Murray - Lead Teacher of the Deaf