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Eastbury Community School

Y6 into Y7 Transition

ECS Welcome 2022 


Online Admission Process

  1.  Go to this website: https://eastbury.applicaa.com/yearseven
  2.  Click parent register. Complete the registration process. For the registration process you will need to submit your email address and create a password.
  3.  It is important to remember the password you create for the registration process as you will need this again. 
  4.  Fill in your email and password details and click submit.
  5.  You will receive a verification email from admin@applicaa.com. Click on the link. You will return to the registration and log in page.
  6.  Now you can Log in as a registered user with your email address and password (these will be the same as your registration details) be sure to go to the log in box to log in.

Once you have logged in you will have access to the admission application which is titled: Year 6-7 form 2022/2023. This document should take around 30 minutes to complete. 

It is very important that you select and complete the correct admission form. DO NOT select the GENERAL ADMISSION FORM. The only admission form that you should complete is the one titled Year 6-7 form 2022/2023 

Summer Fun Programme

Coat of Arms


School Uniform

School Uniform

Wearing the ECS badge and wearing smart school uniform with pride is an important part of our school community. Premier Schoolwear are the uniform suppliers for ECS. A variety of options are available for you to purchase uniform and to ensure that your child can put their best foot forward in September and are ‘dressed for success’.

You can visit Premier Schoolwear at: 

Unit 7, Tonbridge Works, Tonbridge Road, Romford RM3 8TS  


The staff at Premier Schoolwear are happy to help and you can call them with any questions: 01708 377 699. 


Key Correspondence


Past Correspondence 

Key Contacts

We want to ensure that your questions and queries are answered. Please see the contact details of specialist staff who are available for you:

Ms M Miller: Head of Y7 (September 2022): mml@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk

Mrs J Oberholzer: Transition Coordinator: jpt@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 

Ms J Higson: Special Educational Needs Coordinator: JHG@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk  

Mr Smith: Head of EAL: English as an Additional Language: SSM@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk

Ms H Devereux Murray: Deaf Additional Resource Provision: HMU@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk 

Ms S Primus: Family Support Advisor: SPR@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk

Mrs S Vincent: Parent Pay: SVI@eastbury.bardaglea.org.uk