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Eastbury Community School



Year 1 - Trinity

Hello everyone and welcome to our class page! :)

Trinity Class is an exciting place to learn! 

In our class, we have thirty brilliant, enthusiastic, talented and hardworking children, who are supported in their learning by an outstanding Year 1 team and very supportive parents. 

Our class values of willingness, ambition, resilience, respect, enthusiasm and never giving up, permeate the life of our school, with staff, pupils and parents working and learning together, sharing a common aim for all our children to be the best that they can be in our journey of building tomorrow, today. 

I hope our class page gives you a flavour of life in Trinity Class! 

With best wishes, 

Ms Mahmood, Ms Charles, Miss Jahangir and Ms Salim

Welcome Meeting

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 Curriculum Overview

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 Knowledge Organisers

Spring 2

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 Spring 1

Autumn 2

year 1 autumn 2 knowledge organisers.pdf

 Autumn 1


Autumn 1

Week 1: Transition Week

This week has been such an exciting week! Myself, Miss Jahangir and Ms Salim have absolutely loved getting to know each and every child. We are ever so excited to work with our class over the year. Every child has settled in so well and I'm so proud of so many brave children who entered my door on the first day and continue to do so!

This week we have had many workstations for the children to try out different activities. The children used collage techniques to decorate fishes on our craft table. These will fill up our beautiful classroom and bring it more to life. The children also have used dot techniques to create self-portraits. Many children explored maths through numicon and practised representing numbers in different ways. The children have also loved playing with our train tracks and construction toys. 

 Week 2: Wonderful Rainbows

 This week in English we have been learning all about poetry. We will be writing a poem about the rainbow colours.  We dived into our creative sides by taking part in an Art lesson. We used our finger prints to create a rainbow! We loved the texture of the paint and the bright colours. They all came out so beautiful. 

Week 3: Peculiar Poetry

Today we practised our poems about rainbows. We used adjectives and actions to make our poetry exciting! We used voices like deep bears and we whispered our poem too! Everyone was so confident and had so much fun. Well done Trinity!





 Week 4: Fun on the Run 

 This week we have been enjoying PE. The focus of learning was to apply pupils knowledge of how to run and where to run, while exploring running at different speeds. 






 We had a relay race to practise running at different speeds. We supported each other by cheering and clapping. 

Week 5: Rain Rain Come Today

Bottles Bottles, we needed bottles! You may be wondering why Trinity class were on the hunt for many bottles? This week, we focussed on how rain is measured. We explored the use of rain gauges and created some of our own. Did you see some of them outside our class? 

We created a scale by aligning our ruler. 

We were so focussed!

We put stones in our rain gauge to ensure it stays upright. We then placed it outside. 

Week 6: RE

This week in RE, we continued our learning about Christianity. We recapped symbols that are important to a person belonging to Christianity. We sorted the symbols. 


We then created cards using these symbols. Lots of children drew a church with a cross. They also drew a candle to symbolise the last step in Baptism.

Autumn 2

Week 1: Local Church Visit

This week, Trinity class went on a visit to our local church, St Margaret's. Once there, they were told about the history of the church and how important it is to Barking's history. We even found out that Captain Cook (the explorer who founded Australia and New Zealand) was married here back in 1762. 


We had the opportunity to explore the church looking for stained glass windows, figurines and even a dragon!

Week 2: UK Parliament Week

This week it is UK Parliament Week so we have been learning what it means to vote. We discussed two issues that affect our local area - litter and road safety - and then cast our own vote, just like our parents do. 

Votes will be counted on Monday and then we will decide how we can campaign to improve things for all our families.

Week 5: Nativity

This week Trinity and York have been busy learning their lines, songs and actions in preparation to put on a fabulous Nativity performance.

Week 6: Enterprise Week

For enterprise week we made gingerbread cups to sell at the Winter Fair. Here we are decorating our gingerbread.

Spring 1

Week 1/2: 

This week in PSHE we spoke about how to keep ourselves safe. We also discussed how our body reacts when we feel nervous, worried or anxious.


 Week 3

Trinity Class did an amazing job practising their story maps in English for The Crayons That Quit.  They orally rehearsed their sentences with their learning partner.         

Week 4

This week in English Trinity have been writing questions for Duncan (The Crayons that Quit). Luckily for Trinity class Duncan visited so they could ask him their questions.

Week 5 - Number Day

We dressed up as number 1 for Number day. 

Week 5


In Geography, we have been identifying physical and human features of a rural area. We explored pictures of rural areas and named some Physical features.


Week 7​


In DT, we have designed our very own finger puppets and created them from our prototype. We had lots of fun choosing the fabric and being creative with what materials would be best.


In Science, we used our 'Spy Magnus' skills. Observing and recording results of puddles over time. We went to our forest school and observed the puddle over 2 days. We noticed that the puddle had evaporated over the course of the day.


Spring 2


Week 1



Our new topic in Science is Animals including Humans. We looked at how our bodies change over time. The children created little booklets of themselves as a baby, a toddler and their current age. They identified and labelled the basic parts of the human body and explained how people change as they get older but often retain some recognisable features.


Week 2


In English we have been learning the story 'Lost and Found'. The children adore this story and are amazing at rehearsing the Talk For Writing map! 



We had a scientist come to our school and show us some 'Amazing' experiments! We were super excited and could not believe our eyes!

World Book Day

What another fantastic year for super costumes! The children looked fabulous! It was a great, packed day full of fantastic stories and activities. 


Week 3



In our outdoor PE lessons we have been practicing our throwing skills. We explored using our over arm throw and under arm throw to see what was more precise in aiming in trying to get the bean bag into the hoops.  


Week 4


In maths we have started a new Unit. We are beginning to multiply! By this, we have been identifying equal groups and what makes them equal! The children really enjoyed grouping fish into tanks and making equal and unequal groups in their lesson! I must say, I was really impressed with their learning!!

Science Week

Science week was 'Amazing'- Throughout the week , we have been conducting experiments/ activities: most of which, have been related to our science topic- our 5 senses!

Week 5


Easter Bonnet Parade

Wow! It was lovely to see the amount of effort that went in to making the Easter Bonnets! The children loved showing off their creations in the parade. It was really hard to pick our winners because everyone looked so wonderful.


Celebration Assembly

Our Celebration Assembly was a huge success. It was lovely to see so many parents, carers and family members present to share the celebrations. The children have been working hard in school and was wonderful to see them rewarded for their hard work. A huge well done to all of our children that received certificates for the chosen awards.