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Eastbury Community School

Year 1 - York



Hello everyone and welcome! 

My name is Ms Ahmed and I am York Class’ teacher. 

Teaching assistant: Ms Latifah

Class 1:1: Mrs Akram

York Class is an exciting place to learn! 

In our class, we have thirty enthusiastic, talented and hardworking children, who are supported in their learning by an outstanding Year 1 team and very supportive parents. 

Our class values of willingness, ambition, resilience, respect, enthusiasm and never giving up, permeate the life of our school, with staff, pupils and parents working and learning together, sharing a common aim for all our children to be the best that they can be in our journey of building tomorrow, today. 

I hope our class page gives you a flavour of life in York Class! 

With best wishes, 

Ms Ahmed 

Class Teacher

Summer 1


Week 1 - In Maths this week, York Class were able to work independently and solve simple addition and subtraction word problems in their maths journals! They set themselves on a challenge and solved the inverse!


In English, York Class were able to use T4Writing actions to retell the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.











In Science this week, York Class were able to work scientifically and observe potatoes closely using simple equipment. The children were able to identify the different types of potatoes and compare their similarities and differences. The children had lots of fun as they planted their own chitted potatoes! In addition to this, Year 1 headed over to ECS’ Edible Garden and explored the different plants and vegetables. Well done York!



In Computing, York Class were able to watch tthe video tutorials to design an animal shelter, tree house, cities and robot.

Progression of skills used:

1. Change the colour and pattern of elements. 
2. Position and rotate objects on a design.
3. Position objects in relation to each other.
4. Resize, rotate, flip and arrange objects behind/in front of each other.

Physical Education

In PE, York Class are developing their gymnastic skills. They are learning how to carry the apparatus carefully and safely and sequence different shapes. 





In Art, we are exploring TingaTinga art which is a painting style that originated in East Africa. Tingatinga is one of the most widely represented forms of tourist-oriented paintings in Tanzania, Kenya and neighboring countries. The genre is named after its founder, Tanzanian painter Edward Said TingaTinga. 


In week 1, the children were able to research facts about Noel Kapanda and talk about some of his art work. 

Forest School

Forest school is an approach to learning that takes children into the great outdoors whatever the weather to explore the natural environment. In Year 1, the children attend a long-term, nature-based outdoor learning program that focuses on holistic development and growth in children. 
In forest school, activities are provided, but rather than being adult-led, each child chooses and tailors the activity to suit them, while we observe their preferences and development. You flow with the energy of the day and follow what children want to do.


Spring 2


Week 1 - In Maths this week, the children we are recapping and identifying what a fact family is. A fact family is a group of calculations that are created using the same three numbers. The children were able to confidently solve fact families within 20.

They were able to write four different addition and subtraction facts and journal their working out.

York Class children have become a lot more confident in this! I am so proud of all.


Week 2 - In Maths this week, York Class are exploring 2D and 3D shapes. The children were able to recognise and name common 2D and 3D shapes, for example cuboids, pyramids and spheres. They were also able to build a castle using some of the shapes they found around the classroom!

These children were able to recognise shapes and explain their differences. Well done!





This term in English, York Class are reading the story 'The Jolly Postman'. The children are able to understand that letter writing is an essential skill.

 Every letter should always have:

  • Sender's address.
  • The date.
  • An appropriate greeting.
  • Introduction.
  • Conclusion.

Week 1 - In English this week, York Class were able to box up a letter to The Three Bears. The children were able to plan a letter and write in role as Goldilocks and apologised for eating the delicious porridge!

The children were also able to understand the key features of a letter and retell the story “The Jolly Postman” using T4Writing actions. 



York Class have been continuing to develop their music skills by learning about musical notation when playing the recorder. They know where to position their hands and fingers to play certain musical notes, know how to make the sound louder or quieter and can follow along with a rhythm. I am really proud of their hard work!


World Book Day

World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. York Class celebrated World Book Day on 3 March 2022. “You are a reader,” asserts the 2022 World Book Day theme, and the focus was on getting books into the hands of the children. On World Book Day, every child at Eastbury Community School was given a voucher to spend on whatever book they want, with the hopes of encouraging children to read more. Reading more will help to improve their vocabulary while learning new information, and enhancing their creativity in the process! 

It’s also a time when authors, illustrators, books, and reading can be appreciated and celebrated in over 100 countries around the world.

The children had an amazing day dressed up as their favourite book characters! The children had lots of fun at our very own reading cafe in our classrooms. The idea was that the children can share their books with their peers and book menus can be placed on the table with an offer of the book choices.


York Children also tune into the World Book Day live stream to hear some of our favourite authors and illustrators talk about their favourite book. 

 Willy Wonka also came to ECS and hid 4 golden tickets in our playground. The Year 1 children were determined to find the missing tickets.



A huge well done to all those that participated and a special congratulations to our winners - Veera, Suleiman, Aisha Leigh, Ayaan and Aila! 

Spring 1


Week 1 – In English this week, York Class are learning a new story called “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” using T4Writing actions. The children were able to retell the new story and sequence the beginning, middle and end. York Class had lots of fun as they went on a bear hunt following the clues around the school!






Week 2 (Innovation Week) - This week in English, York Class were able to sequence the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” chronologically in table groups. Children were also able to re-tell the story independently through small role play activities and also hot seating. In addition to this, York Class were also able to understand the use of prepositions and alliteration in story writing and were able to challenge themselves to use this vocabulary in their Big Write! I am so proud!




 Week 1 - In Maths this week, York Class were able to use and understand positional language. We were able to have a race and use key vocabulary to understand what it means to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 


Week 2 -  This week, York Class were able to form numbers and number words to 20. They became increasingly confident in this as they used the mats to support them with their learning.


Week 3 - This week, York Class were able to compare numbers to 20. We were able use the words ascending and descending when solving the maths problem. Ascending order is when you start with the lowest value and work up to the highest. Descending order is the opposite, starting with the highest value and working down to the smallest.

Stars of the Week

Week 1 - This week's star of the week is Mahnoor!

Mahnoor is a quiet and conscientious member of our class and we all think she is a superstar! She always shows great kindness to everyone in York Class and helps adults in school every day by tidying away playtime toys. Mahnoor listens carefully in class and has done some super writing this week using onomatopoeia and adjectives to make her writing interesting. Well done Mahnoor, keep up the hard work!

 Autumn 2

Nativity Play




Week 1 - This term in English, York Class are learning a new story called The Three Little Pigs. We were able to understand a new story using T4Writing actions and sequence the story orally. We were also able to challenge ourselves and independently form a short narrative to retell the Three Little Pigs story.


Y1 York - English Week 1 Autumn 2

 Week 2 - This week was Innovation Week in York Class. We were able to make changes to our story The Three Little Pigs. We were then able to think of an alternative character and make changes independently. Our story changed from The Three Little Pigs to The Three Fluffy Sheep! We used T4Writing actions to retell our new story to a talk partner. In our writing practice, we remembered to use a capital letter and a full stop and even challenged ourselves to use ambitious adjectives to improve the story!

Y1 York - English Week 2 Autumn 2

Week 3 - This week in English was Show What I know! We were able to make additional changes to our developed story and decided to change the main characters and also the materials used to build each of the houses. We were able to showcase our best work to our teacher and had lots of fun planning and sequencing our new story.

Week 4



Forest School

York Class were able to explore the forest independently. We were able to go on a scavenger hunt and find Ms Ahmed's missing items. We were also able to form numbers to 10 using sticks and finally build our very own bug hotel!

Y1 York: Forest School - November 2021

 Mental Health Awareness Day - November 2021

Y1 York - Mental Helath Awareness


  Gunpowder Plot









In R.E this term, York Class were able to explore Christianity and understand why Christians celebrate Christmas. During lessons , we were able to understand that Christians believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and believe that he is the light of the world. In addition, York Class went on a school trip to St Margaret's Church in Barking and were able to further develop their understanding of Christianity. The vicar spoke about the teachings of Jesus and why he is a significant figure. We read the Christmas story and even went on a scavenger hunt around the church to find important Christian artefacts! We had lots of fun!

Y1 York: RE - November 2021




Diwali Day - November 2021


Y1 York - Diwali Day 2021

Autumn 1



In York Class, we have been using T4Writing to retell our new story 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. Talk4Writing is an approach to teaching writing that encompasses a three-stage pedagogy.

Imitation gives pupils the chance to learn and internalise texts and identify transferrable ideas and structures. 

Innovation allows pupils to use ideas and structures to co-construct new versions with their teachers.

Intervention gives children the opportunity to create original texts independently. These tasks aim to improve writing ability by giving an understanding of the structure and elements of written language.






Autumn 1 Week 3 - This week, York Class were able to learn understand a new story called 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. 

We were able to understand our new story using our T4Writing actions and roleplay the story with a talk partner!

Autumn 1 Week 2 - York Class were able to understand the key features of poems and use similes in our writing!

We created our own acrostic poem about rainbows and used descriptive vocabulary to enhance our writing. We had lots of fun painting our rainbows using acrylic paint, and even used chalk to draw beautiful rainbows across the playground!

Well done to our star writer Yaseen for being a creative writer. Keep it up!

Farm Visits


Autumn 1 Week 2 to Week 4 - In York Class, we were able to read and write all numbers to 10 in numerals and in words. Children were able to represent the number of objects using ten frames, number cards and word cards. This was done at our continuous provision tables as a shared activity and on the interactive whiteboard. 

Autumn 1 Week 2 - In Year 1, our topic for Maths this term is Number and Place Value: Numbers to 10. This week, York Class were able to represent numbers to 10 using objects. We were able challenge ourselves and solve number bonds to 5 and 10 using a number line, part whole model and form number sentences! 







In Year 1, our topic for P.E. is Multi-skills. York Class have been able to develop their throwing and catching multi-skills by throwing a ball at or into a target. A huge well done to our P.E. champions this week, Louis, Gabriella and Nojus for being great team players! 






Stars of the Week

Autumn 1 Week 1
Ria for always being kind, respectful and always following our classroom rules!

Abdul for showing a love for Maths and challenging himself to use a part whole method to solve number bonds to 10!

Autumn 1 Week 2

Mahnoor for producing a fantastic poem about rainbows! You were able to understand the key features of a poem, use phonics to spell unknown words and use ambitious adjectives in your writing!

Autumn 1 Week 3

Yaseen for having a love for learning. Yaseen was able to draw pictorial representations to represent numbers to 10 and is always challenging himself to use a ten frame to secure his understanding of the lesson. 



Transition Week

Letters & Communication