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Eastbury Community School

Year 2 - Cardiff

Teacher: Mr Connolly 

Teaching Assistant: Ms Sultana 

Our class is made up of 30 enthusiastic, creative and considerate Year 2 pupils, our teacher Mr Connolly and our teaching assistant Ms Sultana. In Cardiff, we respect each other and are proud of each other’s achievements. We work together to create a welcome and warm class atmosphere, where every class member feels valued and loved.  We hope you enjoy looking at our class page. 

Autumn 1


We will be continuing using Talk for Writing this year and during Autumn 1 children will learning to write a story in a familiar setting as well as a set of instructions.  


Due to the pandemic the phonics check was not able to happen in year 1 so it will be taking place in November 2020. We will be revising the sounds we have previously learnt and learning our phase 4,5 and 6 sounds. We will introduce Daily Supported Reading for Autumn before moving onto Destination Reader in the Spring and the Summer Term. Children will be able to take books home and take quizzes on Accelerated Reader.  


Once again, we will be using Maths No Problem to support our teaching of Maths. During Autumn 1 our focus will be Number and Place Value: Numbers to 100, Calculations: Addition and Subtraction, Calculations: Multiplication of 2, 5 and 10 and Calculations: Multiplication and Division of 2, 5 and 10  


During Autumn 1 our Science topic is ‘Living Things and Their Habitat’. We will explore which animals live where and how they have adapted to their habitat. We will be able to explain what an animal needs to be healthy and survive.   

PBL (Project Based Learning)  

Our topic this term is ‘Kings and Queens’. We will learn about some of the great British monarchs through the ages. We will be able to put certain events on a timeline and explain why certain historical figures were important. 


We will be doing indoor PE on Thursday afternoons and outdoor PE on Tuesday afternoons. Please ensure children have the correct PE kit on these days. 


Our big question is Why did Jesus tell stories?  We will be learning some of the stories Jesus told and evaluating why Christians believe they’re so important. 


This year 2 children will be learning to play the Ukulele.  

Art and Design 

During Autumn 1, the artist focus will be Georgia O’Keeffee. The skills they’ll be learning are Colour?(painting, ink, dye, textiles, pencils, crayon, pastels)? 


Our PSHE topic is  Relationship and Health & Wellbeing. We will be learning about Respecting ourselves and others, Physical health and mental wellbeing and Family and Friends. 

Hook Lesson

We made crowns as part of our hook lesson. We can’t wait to learn more about kings and queens. 


Letters & Communication