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Eastbury Community School

Year 4 - Birmingham

Hello and welcome to Birmingham's Class Page. 

Birmingham class is taught by Ms Mehza in the mornings and Mr Awoyelu most afternoons. We currently also have Ms Karim working in the class as a student teacher. 

In Birmingham Class, we are always having fun with our learning. The class page is a great way for you to see what we have been up to. We hope you enjoy reading all about us!


Summer 2

Road Safety Assembly

This half term, we have had a Road Safety Assembly which was magical! We learnt all about how to be safe on the road. Here's a video of a little bit of the assembly. 


In Spanish, we have been learning to have conversations with our friends, asking and answering questions. Have a watch of one of these conversations!




It was Science week this half term and we had a great time! Not only did we do experiments everyday, we then had the opportunity to showcase all our hard work to our Parents at the end of the week. Keep an eye out for more pictures this week. 



This half term in DT, we are learning all about stop motion animations. We began the topic by designing our own frames. 



In PE, we have been working hard with Coach Aaron practising our ball skills. Here's a few pictures and videos to showcase this.




Summer 1 


In Science this half term, we have been learning about classification. We have been showing our knowledge in lots of creative ways, such as creating our own classification key. 



In Maths, we have been learning about money. We have been learning in lots of practical ways. 





This half term, we are doing athletics with Coach Aaron. We have been working on relays. Keep an eye on the class page for more pictures and videos. 




In English, we have been learning about balanced arguments. This week, we are writing about whether or not children should be allowed to eat sweets. We had a debate arguing points for and points against. 


Spring 2 

Assembly Awards

In our assembly this half term, these children were celebrated because they had 100% attendance all term! Erica also received the Teamwork certificate to celebrate her achievements of always working collaboratively within the classroom. Congratulations to all our winners. 


 In Science, we have been learning about Electricity. At the end of the unit, we were set the challenge to create our own Buzz Off game! It was difficult to begin with, but then some of us managed to get the game to work! We had to show a lot of resilience in this lesson.  

Computing Birmingham

 This half term, we have been learning about coding! We have been using a website called Scratch to create own own games. We have also had to spend a lot of time de-bugging any problems we have.


This half term in DT, we have been creating our own lighthouses. We spent weeks looking at lighthouses, designing our own lighthouses as well as thinking about which materials we need to use. 

It was a sunny day and we took the opportunity to take our learning outside. We created our lighthouses out of cardboard and then added the electrical circuit within. 



In RE, we have been learning about the Easter Story. We created our own Palm Crosses and had a parade around the school. 

World Book Day

On Thursday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day. It was a day filled with reading related activities. We had the opportunity to listen to a live stream, spoke about our favourite books and had a whole school assembly for the first time in forever! 


This half term, we are still learning how to play the P Buzz. We have been practising Mamma Mia. Have a listen. 



Spring 1      



As part of our DT topic this half term, we made Anglo Saxon honey bread. We did product testing, designed, made and evaluated our biscuit. 


Please see our homework for Spring 1. Spellings will be put on Class Dojo weekly. 



Number Day

On Tuesday 1st February, we celebrated NSPCC Number Day. Not only did we raise lots of money for the NSPCC, we had a fun day solving different problems and working in groups. We came dressed in our own Maths t-shirts. It was a great day!


25th January 2022: Today we went to the library to change our books. We get to spend some time in the library reading and sharing what we enjoyed about the book with our teachers and friends. 

Library Birmingham



This year in Music we are learning to play the P Buzz. We have been working hard to learn the different notes and play different music pieces. 





In Computing this half term, we are learning about animation. We are working on Microsoft PowerPoint to create our own stop motion animations. 


Tuesday 18th January 2022

Today in Science we were learning about the digestive system. We went outside and drew out the process that takes place when we eat food. We then explained it to the rest of the class. 

Science 2


We are learning about instructions. We have been learning about how to mummify a Pharaoh. Watch the video to see our T4W map in action.

/We are learning about instructions. We have been learning about how to mummify a Pharaoh. Watch the video to see our T4W map in action. 


In our Humanities hook lesson, we went back in time! We stained paper to make it look old and wrote a diary entry as an Anglo Saxon. We look forward to learning more about the Anglo Saxons. 


In RE this half term, we are learning about religions within our neighbourhood. On Wednesday 12th January, we looked at different reasons why people believe it is important to go to a religious building. We then created a diamond 9 on what we thought were the most important reasons. It created a great discussion!



In PE this half term, we will be learning to play netball. We have been learning the different positions and playing short games with Coach Aaron in order to learn the skills. As you can see (and hear!), we get very into the games. 


Autumn 2

Michelle and David had a great time making Egyptian Bread as part of their homework. Watch the video below and see if could have a go yourself!



Music Lesson

Have a listen to us learning the P-Buzz in our Music lessons. We have really been enjoying learning new notes.


 Parliament Week



This half term in PBL, we are learning about Ancient Egypt. For our Hook Lesson, we created our own Papyrus paper and wrote secret messages to our friends using hieroglyphs.



Autumn 1









Letters & Communication