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Eastbury Community School

Year 4 - Exeter


Hello and welcome to Exeter's Class Page. 

Exeter class is taught by Mr Collyer. We also have Ms Shabbir helping in the classroom too.

In Exeter Class, we are always having fun with our learning. The class page is a great way for you to see what we have been up to. We hope you enjoy reading all about us! 

Summer 2

Design Technology

In DT this term we are aiming to create our own stop/start animation video. we have looked at the scenes we wish to create. We have now created some of our characters using playdough! Take a look!


In summer 2 this year we have enjoyed a whole week of science! There were many experiments including making slime (unsuccessfully!) and building huge towers using toothpicks and sweets.


We have also roamed the school grounds to investigate what types of animals and plants we can find! 


The class have been working on create a mini conversation in Spanish. Have a look at some of the conversations that have been created.




Our final performances with year 6 went down really well. The children played music that they had practiced all year round in front of year 3 and year 5.


In maths we have been closely looking at the lines of symmetry in shapes. We have spoken about reflections that lines of symmetry can create. To show this we mixed our maths lesson with art! Have a look at the patterns we created.

Summer 1



In drop everything and read, our class pick a book of their choice and read for 15 minutes. They also choose to read anywhere in the classroom as you can see!


In Maths we have been working out how to find the perimeter of shapes. We took one of our lessons outside and found the perimeter of shapes that were in the playground. Once we found the measurements, we wrote our findings in our math journals.


Year 4 ventured into the forest school to find many different living things, such as ladybirds and plants.

In our science lessons, we have been looking at living things. This week we created a poster for 'MRS GREN'. These are 7 things that living things need in order to live. They are: Move Reproduce Sensitivity Grow Respire Excrete Nutrition.

Spring 2


In PSHE we have been looking closely at why looking after money is important. We also have spoken about the reasons why it is important to keep track of money and the differences between needs and wants. The lesson below was when the class discussed the positives and negatives of shopping online.


In our indoor PE sessions we were looking at creating shapes with their bodies, some shapes were a forest, car and aeroplane. Take a look!


In music the children have been practicing their P-Buzz skills but also their singing skills this time. It has been also a challenge, but they are beginning to read music really well. Take a look at some of the singing and P-Buzz action!






During our RE lessons we have been discussing and learning the Easter story. This lead to a chat with Ms. Kreeger and during another lesson we were also creating our own chart discussing what we think Jesus and the disciples felt when Jesus was betrayed.


This term in computing we have been looking at using a programme called Scratch. This is used to create animations.

Spring 1


In our science lessons this half term we are discovering all things interesting and fun about animals including humans.

Our lesson on 19.01.22 took us outside to draw the human digestive system. We even had a model to use for our body outlines!


Our class have been learning the P-Buzz instrument since the beginning of the school year. We have progressed really well - learning different notes and playing them together to form a song. Have a look at a video from 17.01.22.




During our PE lessons, we are currently learning skills to be used for netball. The children have been playing mini games of handball where they must learn game specific movement. They have had to learn to communicate effectively within their team to create plays in the game. The children have also really enjoyed trying to throw the ball into the goal!


Our lesson this week (18.01.22) focused on our throwing skills again but the goals had a barrier that attackers and defenders could not cross.




In RE this half term, we are learning about religions in our neighbourhood. During a lesson we discussed the different reasons why people attend their religious buildings. The children then created their own diamond 9 that shows what they thought was important.


Please have a watch and listen to see and hear our actions and words for our Talk 4 Writing. We have been creating instructions on how to mummify a pharaoh!



In humanities, Exeter have been looking at the Anglo-Saxons. We stepped into the shoes of an Anglo-Saxon to produce a diary entry. 

Have a look at some that have been created!


 In maths we have been looking at graphs, specifically line and bar graphs. We have read data and had a go at plotting it onto a graph ourselves.


Autumn 2








We have been taking part in team games that demonstrates our throwing and catching ability as well as using clear communication to succeed in a game.



Autumn 1










Year 4 visited the science museum this autumn term and it was amazing! We completed many different types of experiments and had lots of fun!



School Council Reps

They will ensure that the children’s voices and concerns are heard as well as being responsible for relaying information back to the class from their school council meetings.

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