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Eastbury Community School

Year 5 - Nottingham



Welcome to Nottingham Class.

I am your teacher, Ms Hussain.

 Summer 1


For T4W this we have been looking at a suspense adventure story called Zelda Claw. The children finished the unit by writing a sequel to the T4W map. 



For Music this term we have been practising for our concert.





For Science this term we have been learning about living things. The children used dandelion cuttings reproduce a plant asexually. 



This term we have been making mosaics. 


 The children have performed their gymnastic routines in groups.



Spring 2



 This year for World Book Day the children dressed up took part in lots of fun activities. The read their favourite books in their very own reading cafe. 




The children have been reading for pleasure in their library. 



The children have been learning about how the government and local authorities distribute their money. The children went on to learn about how the council has an allocated budget for the environment. 




This term Year 5 have been learning about Properties of Materials again. A food festival company sent them a range of problems they had to solve. 





This term we have been learning about China. The children really enjoyed learning about Chinese culture and economics. 





Spring 1

Art - The children did their own version of Marc Chagall's paintings.  



The children researched artist Marc Chagall and they created a poster about his life and work. 


The children looked at how to help the environment in PSHE and reduce their use of plastic and improve their carbon footprint. 


The children were doing forces experiments looking at whether heavier or lighter objects fall to the ground first. 






The children have been practising different songs with their clarinets.



The children really enjoyed their Maths workshop on Number day. They all dressed up as and completed exciting Maths problems in groups. 




Autumn 2 

Learning Week 6 December 2021

Y5 have been working hard making their candles for enterprise week. They are learning how businesses run and make profit. The children can't wait to sell their candles and wax melts at the enterprise fair.

Y5 Nottingham - Enterprise

Y5 have been making their own jewellery for DT. They used clay and metal and metallic paints. 

Y5 Nottingham - Jewellery Making


Y5 have learnt to play Jingle Bells on their clarinets.




Learning Week 29 November 2021

Daily Mile

Every Thursday is Year 5s turn at the daily mile. We run, jog, walk and do circuit exercises before school.




Learning Week 22 November 2021

Y5 Nottingham - Science


Learning Week 15 November 2021

Year 5 are using the library to select books of their choice to read for pleasure.

Y5 Nottingham - Reading for Fun

Year 5 looked at the distance and size of the solar system using fruit and toilet to represent the distance between.

Y5 Nottingham - Solar System


Learning Week 8 November 2021

The children in y5 have helped y6 by adding poppies to their display. They also made their own acrostic poems about Remembrance Day.

Y5 Nottingham Remembrance Day - November 2021

Year 5 are beginning to learn how to play Hockey this week. They are really enjoying different types of dribbling skills.

Y5 Nottingham - Hockey Dribbling Skills

Autumn 1

Learning Week 18 October 2021



Learning Week 11 October 2021

Hello yellow 

The children wore yellow to brighten up their day or someone else's day for mental health awareness week.


We did an experiment testing electrical insulators and conductors. We wanted to see which material would illuminate a football stadium the best.

Y5 Nottingham - Testing electric insulators and conductors



Learning Week 4 October 2021

During PBL, Year 5 continued their  learning about World War 1. They explored what live was like for the people in Britain during this time. They learnt about children who helped grow food at home due to food shortages, the Boy Scouts doing farm work and the Girl Guides knitting socks and scarves to send to the British soldiers, and raised money to help parts of the war. Then, they used their knowledge to debate whether or not the government should have used children this way in the war effort.

Y5 Nottingham - PBL WW1



Learning Week 20 September 2021

How to Trap a Stone Giant

Year 5 have been learning about instructions this term. Here is their story map for ‘How to trap a stone giant


Learning Week - 13 September 2021

Life on the Front Line - WW1

Year 5 are learning about WW1 and they are imagining what life would be like on the front line.


Learning Week 6 September 2021


The children in Y5 have completed some excellent art research this week about the artist Jean Pucelle. They worked in pairs to research him and created a poster and then presented this to their class.


Letters & Communication

Dear Parents/Carers,

We just wanted to notify parents that due to swimming this term there will not be an extra indoor PE session. So Y5 will have swimming and one outdoor PE session with Coach Aaron on Thursdays.

Nottingham – Monday swimming / Thursday PE with coach


School Council

Here are our school council representatives for y5 nottingham