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Eastbury Community School

Year 6 - Cambridge

Summer 1

Year 12 mentors

We had the opportunity to meet the Year 12 mentors.  They spoke to us about their roles and responsibilities and also reassured us that if we ever needed any help, they were there to support us in Year 7.


We have been learning how to write fairy tale parodies.

Have a read of some of our work.


We are continuing to learn how to play the trumpet. 



Reading for pleasure

We have the opportunity to visit the secondary library once every two weeks.




In PE, we have started athletics and are learning about relay races.



Spring 2

Easter concert



Reading for pleasure

We are currently reading Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.  We chose this book because it linked to our previous science topic, animals including humans.

We also like to do drop everything and read (DEAR).


We are continuing to learn the trumpet this half term.


To prepare us for our SATS, we have been doing extra revision on algebra.



We learned how to write a newspaper article.  We ensured that we wrote in columns so it was more authentic.

We also learned how to write letters of complaint and we had to write politely, but assertively.  Here is our star writer for the week who wrote his complaint letter independently:


We are currently learning about evolution and inheritance.  Our scientist for this topic is Joseph L. Graves Jr who is a professor of biological science.


We have been learning about social media and its positive and negative impact on our wellbeing.


In our afternoon writing group, we worked with Mrs Menon to create spine poems based on an animal.


We have been learning about tenses.  We had to change the simple past tense into the present perfect tense.


In year 6 we are learning how to play tag rugby.  




Spring 1


Tuesday 18th January

We worked in pairs and created a 3D heart sculpture.  Once they were dry we painted them.



Wednesday 19th January

We are learning how to programme using the app Scratch.  We created different sprites for our Space Invaders game.


Wednesday 20th January

In gymnastics we learned how to do a quarter jump, half jump and 360 jump.







Thursday 21st January

In history we are learning about the Vikings.  We researched facts about why trading was important to them and presented our work to the class.






Monday 10th January

We are learning how to write explanations texts. We included higher order conjunctions, technical vocabulary and expanded noun phrases to explain the causes and effects of tooth decay clearly and interestingly.


Thursday 13th January

Our big question for this half term is 'What similarities and differences do religions share?'  In our lesson we discussed what values and practices religions and world views shared.


Friday 7th January 

This half term our topic in science is animals including humans.  We learned about the components of blood and their functions.  We also had the opportunity to make fake blood!



Autumn 2



9 November 2021

In Art we explored the poppy fields from WW1 and created our own pictures. 

We used oil pastels and shading to create our images. 

What a beautiful tribute for Remembrance Day

Autumn 1

Daily Mile





In year 6, we have weekly music lessons.  This year we are learning how to play the trumpet.


To finalise our PBL topic on Fairtrade we held a showcase in the hall for the parents to come and view our work and ask us questions. We had a fantastic time and the parents were really proud of everything the children have learnt this half term.










For PBL we are learning about fair trade.  We made banana pops using fair trade ingredients.


In year 6, we are learning how to play basketball.  So far we have learnt how to do a chest pass and bounce pass.






In PSHE we were learning about dealing with challenging friendships.  We became Agony Aunts and Agony Uncles to help resolve the issues.


Talk 4 Writing

 In English we have been learning how to write reports.



 We are learning Spanish in year 6.  We have learned new words and phrases.



We have been looking at similarities and differences between different religions.  We worked in groups to create our own artwork which incorporated more than one religion.


Our topic this half term is living things and their habitats.  We worked in groups to classify different living things.  



House Captains

Letters & Communication