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Eastbury Community School

Year 6 - Oxford



Summer 2

4th July - Disco


4th July - Individual Graduation Pictures

 Our individual pictures posing in a Graduation cap and gown. We really enjoyed this whole experience. 


4th July - Graduation

 We invited the parents, councillors, SLT and governors to watch our Graduation Ceremony. We read speeches, performed songs and collected our certificates. 










Road Safety Magic Show

Thursday 23rd June 2022

We watched a Magic show that taught us about Road Safety. The magician taught us some of the magic tricks which we really enjoyed learning about. 

Rounders - Year 6 vs Teachers


Science Week


 Day 2 :

 Gummy Tower Team Challenge: 

 Day 3 and 4: 

Marble Run Tower Building

 Science Fair - Year 6 




Summer 1


Wednesday 25th May 2022

We had a specialist from Transport For London come in today to give us some advice on using public transport safely. This is to prepare us for our Secondary School adventure where a lot of us will be using public transport alone. 



19th May 2022



In indoor PE we have been looking at Gymnastics. We have been working collectively to build our skills and create movements in small groups.


 Our outdoor PE lessons have been Rugby. The children have been really focusing on passing backwards and working as a team. 



Barking Park Trip 

Friday 12th May 2022

We celebrated the end of a stressful SATS week by going to Barking Park to run around for most of the day! We enjoyed a lovely picnic with friends and even participated in a football game with George Carey Primary School. 


Irini Mando- Mental Health 

Irini Mando is a well known artist who advocates for Mental Health. The Year 6's were asked to join the assembly alongside Year 7 . They listened to some of her Music and asked questions about Mental Health. 




2nd May 2022

We are rehearsing for our Trumpet Concert. Julia and Madalina have shown incredible talent for playing Havana. Hopefully they will have a chance to play a solo whilst the rest of the class join in for the chorus. 






Wednesday 27th April 2022

In English we have been looking at twisted tales and writing more sinister stories. 

Here are examples of the children reading the work they have produced: 

Tuesday 19th April 2022

We have been looking at Fairytale Parodies in English this week. We have been trying to justify the behaviour of the "bad" character in the traditional tales and make the reader feel empathy towards this character. 

Here are two videos of the children showing the "bad characters" in a good light. 



 Wednesday 27th April 2022

In English we have been looking at twisted tales and writing more sinister stories. 

Here are examples of the children reading the work they have produced: 


Gender Reveal

My class amazingly hosted a Gender Reveal for me! 

Stanley's mum made cupcakes and we filmed the children's reaction to finding out the gender of the baby. 





 Today in Science we designed a simple circuit and thought about our own ideas to create a festival light for the dragons on Dragon's den. 


 Some of the Year 6's are in a Rock Steady band together. They worked on their performance for a whole half term and produced a fantastic performance. 

Spring 2 

Baby News

2nd Announcement: Gender Reveal



1st Announcement 





18th March 2022

This is our Talk 4 Writing Map for the "Leopard Mauling 2 in the After School Break In!"




15th March 2022

We created gossip groups to discuss the leopard breaking into the school. The children were talking about the devastation it caused to help them with their newspaper reports. 




14th March 2022

In English we have started newspaper reports. The children were labelling the features of a newspaper on whiteboards. The children could also spot these features on newspapers that were in different language. 





8th March 2022

 We have been looking at BAD teachers in English. This week we are going to write a letter as a parent complaining to the Head Teacher about an unprofessional teacher their child has experienced. To get some ideas about what that teacher could do the children became the bad teachers. 









14th March 2022

The Music Teacher was absent this week so Ms Wilkinson taught the trumpet lesson. We had some solo performances and did some singing within the lesson.






7th March 2022

We had the opportunity to listen to more soloists performing within the classroom. It was lovely to hear:








28th February 2022

Today was really fun as we did solo's and we practiced improvisation on a Blues piece.













21st February 2022

We practiced familiar songs today but we experimented with tempo. 

 Spain - slower tempo. 


 Spain faster tempo




8th March 2022

In English last half term we were writing letters to persuade people to change their diet to a bug eating diet. 

2 of the children had the opportunity to try cricket crackers. Here is their reaction:





3rd March 2022

 In PSHE we have been looking at ways we can respond to Discrimination and how we can challenge views on this. 


24th February 2022

In PSHE we have started to look at Prejudice and Discrimination. Here are some children explaining why you shouldn't discriminate. 




Monday 21st February 2022

Algebra Introduction :

 We use counters to describe patterns and begin to start talking about what Algebra is. 



Monday 21st February 2022

In Maths we have been learning about Ratio. I randomly selected children to come up to the front and we discussed how many boys there were to girls. 


For every one boy there are 3 girls. 



Spring 1 

Safer Internet Day 8th February 2022









Holocaust Memorial Day - 27th January 2022


We created Holocaust Memorial poems to think of everyone who lost their lives. The children were touched by the different stories that they heard and created some beautiful poems to honour the memory of those whos lives were taken away. 



 In our Trumpet lessons we have been learning to read notation and play unfamiliar songs. 

We have become more confident with our notation skills and learning all about the staves and the different lengths of notation. 







Friday 11th February 2022

To end our History topic we discussed "Do Vikings deserve their reputation?"




Thursday 20th January 2022

 In History we researched facts about Viking trade. We explored where they specifically traded, what goods they brought and what items they would sell in return. 






Friday 14th January 2022

As a starter we ordered a timeline of Historical events. We had a long discussion about some of the events that we were not sure about. We also discussed the meaning of BC and AD.





Wednesday 12th January 2022

In our PE sessions with Coach Aaron we have been learning some Gymnastic skills. We spent the whole lesson practicing different balances that we could create. Some of us were in groups of three so we had to adapt these balances. 

Wednesday 5th January 2022

In our PE sessions with Coach Aaron we have been learning some Gymnastic skills. We spent a long time recapping our previous knowledge in this area due to the pandemic. We went over the basic shapes needed in Gymnastic and then we are made our own sequencing using these shapes. We were really creative and used mirroring to make these shapes.      





Tuesday 18 January 2022

In English we have become experts in Hurricanes. We particularly focused on the causes of a hurricane and now know how a hurricane starts. We have been using technical vocabulary such as convection currents, updrafts, and down drafts. 







Thursday 13th January

In English we have been looking at three different types of conjunctions. 

Co-ordinating conjunctions (Fanboys), Subordinating conjunctions (isawawabub) and Adverbial conjunctions. Today we created our own sentences using conjunctions. 



Tuesday 25th January 2022

In Science we painted our hearts and really started to understand the different veins in our heart and the function our heart has. We then wrote these explanations up into our Science books. 



Tuesday 18th January 2022

We have been looking at the human heart in Science. We have looked at its purposes and the features of a heart. We created our own versions so that we could specifically see all the valves and veins. 



Tuesday 11th January 2022

In Science we have been looking at blood. We were exploring what blood is made up of and the purposes of blood in the human body. To fully understand this we created blood for ourselves. 



 Wednesday 9th February:

We were discussing the "Golden Rule" that all religions seem to follow. 










Wednesday 12th January:

We were looking at 4 beliefs in our lesson today. Humanism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. 

We had some words to look into and decide how each belief would take part in that particular word. 




Autumn 2


26 November 2021 - We have been exploring WW2 Propaganda and the uses it had.  

9 November 2021 - In Art we explored the poppy fields from WW1 and created our own pictures. 

We used oil pastels and shading to create our images. 

What a beautiful tribute for Remembrance Day


Wednesday 8th December
In English we have been practicing our new talk map. We created our own actions for this and it has been helping us plan our big write.



Monday 6th December
We created gossip groups to discuss how we might be feeling as an evacuee who has been told they are returning back to London after being away for 6 whole years. We had lots of different emotions being discussed in this task.



Tuesday - 30 November 2021

We created our own Anderson Shelter in the classroom. We acted out a playscript where a family were playing snap in the shelter. The air raid siren is loud in the background and this really gave the children an experience as to what life was like during the war.



Evacuees Train Journey - Monday 15 November 2021

We role-played the evacuees train journey. We thought about how the children would have felt and what would have been going through their minds as they embarked their new adventure. 


Enterprise Week 


Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the cost of ingredients and advertising our products to sell for the fair. 

Today we had the opportunity to make our products with the help of Mrs W and Miss Lynch. We made gingerbread and mince pies and are looking forward to selling these on Wednesday. 

We have also designed eco-friendly packaging and are looking forward to running our stall tomorrow.

Y6 Oxford - Enterprise Week




13th December 2021 - We completed a money investigation to see how much Christmas dinner would cost for 10 people. We then used our percentage knowledge to work out which product was the cheapest to buy after they were discounted in the shops.

Y6 Oxford - Festive Maths Investigation

24th November 2021 - We have been looking at working out different arithmetic questions.

Here are some of the children explaining their methods.





Monday 15th November - We have been practicing Fractions this week. We have learnt to find fractions of amounts using the bar model to support our understanding.





Trumpet Lessons - Mamma Mia







8 December 2021 

We have been playing hockey games and using our different passes to compete against each other.



3 November 2021

We have been learning how to dribble using the Hockey Sticks.

We have learnt the Straight dribble and the Side to Side dribble. 





Friday 12th November 

We looked at views on life after death from different religions. 

We sorted these into a Venn diagram to see if there were any shared ideas between Hinduism and Christianity. 

Thursday 4 November 2021

In RE we have been writing our own poems about the concept of life. We have been using metaphors to create our poems.









In Science we completed a Shadow investigation. We were measuring the height of the shadow depending on whether the light was close or further away. 

A lot of us predicted that the further away the light was the bigger the shadow. 

Autumn 1


8th October 2021

In Art we have been looking at pots designed by Grayson Perry. We got very messy and paper-mached our own pots today.  

Y6 Oxford - Grayson Perry


Daily Mile





English / Literacy

Destination Reader-
We have been reading Nowhere Emporium. We have been reading this as a whole class and we have loved to listen to this story.
















15/10/20121 - On Fridays we have a Maths reasoning focus. We worked in groups to solve 2 step word problems. 


Y6 Oxford - Maths Reasoning


Year 6 have been learning about Expressions this week. We used our BODMAS rules to help us with this.








Music -18th October 2021


We have been learning C, D and E and practicing short pieces using these notes. 




We have been working on our call and response skills. 

Wednesday 13th October 2021

Some of the choir members were chosen by Mrs Wilkinson to attend Matilda the Musical. 
The children absolutely loved the show and recognised some of the songs that we had already practiced with the choir.

Y6 Oxford - Matilda the Musical


Music 27.09.2021 - Learning all about pace and rhythm in today’s Music lesson. 




Our First Trumpet Lesson of Year 6




To finalise our PBL topic on Fairtrade we held a showcase in the hall for the parents to come and view our work and ask us questions. We had a fantastic time and the parents were really proud of everything the children have learnt this half term.

Y6 PBL Fairtrade - October 2021









Tuesday 28th September 2021
Today in PBL we looked at the different workers needed to ensure we have bananas in our supermarkets. We then decided how much per pound we would pay the workers based on who we thought had the most important jobs. We were shocked to see how much the workers actually were paid and realised how important Fair Trade is.





Fairtrade PBL Hook Lesson - Week commencing 13th September 2021:

To introduce our Fair-trade topic we made banana pops and created our own Fairtrade chocolate bar labels. We enjoyed eating our banana pops once they were created. 


In PSHE we have been looking at things that are Appropriate , In Appropriate  and Illegal









To understand the consequences of actions.

We looked at a story called Dan’s dreadful day. His negative attitude affected his whole day and his actions had consequences. We spoke about this in a class and discussed ways that Dan could have handled things differently. We then role-played in small groups to turn Dan’s ‘dreadful day’ into a ‘delightful day.













Y6 Oxford - Science 5 Oct 2021


Times Table Rockstars (TTRS)

Letters & Communication


House Captains


School Counsellors