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Eastbury Community School

Welcome to the Year 6 Oxford class page. Oxford class is taught by Ms. Rouse. In this class, we are inquisitive learners, kind and respectful to others and we know we are all capable of achieving brilliant things if we work hard.

Autumn 1

Week 1 - Transition Week

Year 6 had successful return to school this week. They have gotten to know their new class teacher and began learning for the year. One of the activities completed this week was self-portraits in the style of Pop Art. These will be displayed proudly in the corridor for everyone to see.

Week 2

Enjoying the reading corner in the new classroom and making time to read for pleasure with a D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read).

Week 3

In Geography, the children are learning about Fairtrade. Here they are using atlases to locate countries which grow Fairtrade cocoa and then using the atlases to investigate the climate, rainfall, temperature and proximity to the equator and tropics of these countries. They were then able to consider what it is about these locations which makes them suitable for growing cocoa.


For indoor PE, Year 6 have been practicing gymnastics. This week, they created routines focused on matching, in small groups, thinking about balance, movement and timing, and then presented these to the rest of the class.

Week 4

In English, we have been writing reports. Here is us practicing our Talk 4 Writing model text, 'Pakistan'.



Week 5

In RE we have been learning about at how different forms of art are used in different religions, to express different ideas. Last week we investigated the use of idols in Christianity and re-created some of these ourselves. Here is us looking at and discussing each other's creations, which are being displayed in the classroom, at the start of this week's lesson.


This week's RE focus was how music can be used as a form of religious expression. To highlight Black History Month, we learnt about Masaka Kids Africana, a children's choir from Uganda who often sing Christian music. We watched and discussed some of their performances.


Week 6

We took part in an interactive workshop with lots of schools over Barking and Dagenham. In this workshop we learnt from doctors about bacteria and microbes. We had the opportunity to ask the experts questions and share our ideas with the children in the other schools.


Here we are demonstrating the school value of collaboration and success by working together in our Maths lesson. We were listing the multiples of different numbers in order to find common multiples and we were checking our classmates’ working out. We even enjoy practicing maths during wet break.



Week 7

We used dictionaries and thesauruses to find the definitions of words from our weekly spelling list and synonyms for these words.


In music, we have been learning a new instrument in year 6: the trumpet.



On Tuesday 17th October, we took a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on London’s Southbank. we got to take part in an acting workshop with one of the actors and had a guided tour of the theatre. We even got to watch the actors rehearsing on stage for their afternoon performance of Macbeth! We learnt lots about Shakespearean history and got to immerse ourselves in the role of different characters from his plays. 




In Geography, we played a game to learn about the journey of a banana before it reaches us, the consumer. Each group took on the role of banana worker, banana plantation owner, shipper, supermarket or shop, or importer and ripener. We learnt about what work is like for each of these people and the risks and costs involved in their jobs. We then had to decide how much money from the sale of each banana they think they should be paid. In the end, the groups had to negotiate on their salaries and give reasons why they should be paid a certain amount. In the end, we were surprised to find out the real salaries that each of these groups make and considered whether or not this was a fair price. In the video, we are taking part in negotiating our salaries.



Autumn 2

 Week 1

Our Science topic this half term is electricity. In our first lesson, we completed a series of electrical circuit challenges, building circuits to meet specific requirements and using the circuits to investigate whether a range of materials were electrical conductors or insulators.




 Week 2

We are linking our Humanities learning to our DT lessons by creating a pop-up about World War 2 for children. Here we are using our Humanities knowledge organiser, the wall display and the world map to help us plan what to include in our pop-up books.











In PSHE this week, we role played how to call for help in an emergency and we also had the opportunity to cast a vote for UK parliament week. We voted for whether we want the school to tackle the issue of litter or road safety in the local area.

For Remembrance Day, we did a two minute silence and created these pieces of art.

 Week 3

In celebration of Diwali, we combined Science (our current topic is electricity) with Art and DT to design circuits for light up displays. Here are our final products. We are very proud of them.


On Friday, we dressed in colourful clothing and raised money to support Children in Need.


We had an amazing time cooking paella in our food science workshop.


Week 4

For World Children's Day, we looked at the Conventions on the Rights of the Child and discussed the rights that all children have, why they are important, how these rights are respected and what can happen if these rights are not respected.



In our History lesson on the Blitz, we roleplayed WW2 air-raid drills and turned our classroom into an Anderson shelter.


Week 5

 In PE we created our own football drills in groups for the rest of the class to try out in the next lesson.


No Pens Day! We have been creating playscripts in English so No Pens Day was the perfect opportunity for us to learn a script based on WW2 and perform this to the teacher.


Week 6

We learnt lots of important information about staying safe and smart online in our online safety workshop.


Week 7

Pop-up books! This week we completed our DT project for the half term which was to create pop-up books based on WW2. We enjoyed reading these to the younger children during their story times.

Spring 1

Weeks 1-2

Here we are practicing shooting drills in handball.


Week 3

In Science we learnt about the structure and function of the human heart and created an experiment to measure how different levels of physical activity can affect our heart rate.


Week 4

PSHE - Discussing when photographs and online posts are okay and when they are not okay.


Week 5

Numbers Day! We took our learning outside and solved our Maths No Problem tasks on the playground!


Week 6

Science - We did experiments to represent osmosis and diffusion.


Week 7

Art- we created stencils inspired by Bansky and printed these onto backgrounds.


Spring 2

Week 1

Science - our new topic is Living Things and their Habitats and we are learning about classification. We used the Linnaeus system for classification here.


Week 2

Science - We enjoyed taking part in a fun workshop run by Sublime Science.

Letters and communication


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